Monday, 31 October 2011


Winter time, a time for christmas and snow and pretty decorations, the lovely food and warm fires whilst snuggling with a hot chocolate...and then you get that dreaded cold. The cold that you know you are going to get at some point. The one that knocks you for six and you feel like utter poo for days on end.Well bloggers, i have it well and truly!:( as my family dropped like flies it was only a matter of time until it reached me, and boy did it hit me hard. My life for my the past 2 days has been a sea of tissues and mugs of hot chocolate on tab. And boy does it suck. What are your ways of coping with a horrid cold? Mine are to whinge and moan as much as possible and spend the entire day watching re-runs on friends whilst snuggling in my pit.

Well as i go and whinge some more, whilst scoffing a hot bowl of hot mashed potatoe (which is the best comfort food EVERRRR!) i hope you all have a good day, and stay away from people coughing and spluttering!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night, one of the best nights of the year i think! All the bright lights, the rides (not that i ever really go on them as i am a massive wimp) and the precesion. Just the whole atmosphere is great:D and being able to meet up with everyone and just basically have a brilliant time. Does anyone else love bonfire night as much as me? cause i swear i'm always the only person getting very excited! It's a shame that bonfire night is only once a year, they should really have them every few months in my opinion.