Friday, 3 February 2012

Unhealthy Obession?

 Everyone has a weakness right? well after tidying my room and finding about 30 more! magazines stacked by my bed I think it's fair to say i've realized that they are mine! well that and watching CSI but that's for a whole different post altogether...
It's like every week i have this need to go out and buy this magazine! I if i dont i feel like i'm missing out on something (sad i know!) They are definatly my favourite type of magazine out there for a few reasons:
1) they don't cost crazy amounts like some magazines out there! *cough* vouge *cough*
Nothing against vouge, in fact i love vouge, but on my small budget a week it's not always the affordable option tbh:( sob!
2) they contain every single element that i like in a magazine. Clothes, gossip, clothes, beauty, clothes, adivce and lastly clothes:D oh wait, did i mention clothes?
3) i think it is just such an easy magazine to read which i know sounds abit weird but i find some take loads of effort to sit there and read, and i like being able to skim through it quickly first then go back over bits and read it more thoroughly later; but i suppose that might just be me.
I swear if i added up all the mags I have lying around both in my room and buried deep in the depths of my wardrobe I'd have about 100! - no joke.
So yeah, that's just one of my little obssessions that i thought i'd share, you never know next month I may hate magazines and think their the worst things in the world and my new obession will be buying truck loads of snicker bars...but i very much doubt that!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend