Monday, 23 July 2012

oh hello there!

Hi. Yes it's me. I'm back. Cannot believe it's been almost a whole 3 months since I last blogged! It seemed that for those 3 months i'd just lost my blogging mojo which made me feel a bit down in the dumps. I cannot tell you the amount of times I sat down at my keyboard ready to write and nothing. No inspiration to talk about anything. I suppose i thought rather than bore you with non-interesting completly rubbish post's i'd wait until I felt that little spark come back, and well today I think it has. This beautiful day, and seeing so many lovely sights, and just the atsmosphere that summer is finally here, gave me that little push to sit back down and write. Something i've missed these past few months.

Thought i'd post this picture that was taken yesterday, it's a photo which just makes me smile:)

I hope you've all had a lovely day basking in this proper summer weather, and i'll be back tomorrow hopefully with some other pictures which just about sum up my happy happy mood at the moment!


Friday, 11 May 2012

Must have of the week!

Charles Worthington 'Takeaway on the go; Dry Shampoo'

After buying this recently I have been using it religiously! Now i've never really used Charles Worthington products before, mainly due to the prices and the fact my student budget is not that big! However after seeing this mini sized dry shampoo in superdrug for a measley £1.99 I thought why not? And I have to say it is amazing! The smell is really fresh, and not to over-powering some like products out there. The size is perfect to just pop in your bag, and then use it on-the-go, which us a massive upside. In terms of working on your hair it is so light, and just absorbes any grease lingering around if you cannot be bothered with washing your hair one morning!
Basically this is just a really good product, and I would definatly recommend it:) I will without a doubt be buying a full size one when this one runs out!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Eye of the tiger

Been dying to buy this tiger print dress now for absoloutly ages, and on saturday I finally went and brought it! Don't know why it took me so long as it was a steal at £7.99 from h&m, good old h&m! Although it shrunk slightly when I washed it yesterday, so I now have to wear either leggings or tights with it in order to contain my modesty! Which is a bit of a bummer I must say...but never mind, I love it and it is so incredibly comfortable as it is 100% cotton, so it's so soft and lovely:) It's been so miserable today that I had my big old waterproof parka on which didn't really go at all, but hey when the weather is this horrid it's all about the comfort and keeping as dry as possible!

Been so busy this past week, so sorry for the lack of postings! I'll try and do more regular ones soon once all my exams are over and done with, something I cannot wait for. So much revision and so little time, and my exams all being within the same week just makes everything even more stressful! I'm eating a lot of junk food and chocolate to keep my spirits up, something which my waistband is not thanking me for I must say! If anyone has any tips for relaxing during the run up to exams please let me know as I feel like I may be about to explode soon!

Also if you guys have any idea's on new posts that I could so please message me about them, I feel like I am doing the same types of things over and over again and I don't want it to become to boring! I need change in my life:D Anyways speak soon, a massive pile of english literature revision is calling my name, oh joy!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Silver Studs

So the definate highlight of my day was getting home and seeing this lovely Forever 21 package waiting for me! And inside were these little beauties....

 I mean how amazingly gorgeous are these babies! Literally when I saw them on the website I knew I had to have them. Seriously guys, check out Forever 21, at the moment they have so many amazing clothing and shoes, I already have about 5 other items that I plan on buying in the near future!

So today has been such a long day. Every hour has just seemed to drag on forever. With my exams only 3 weeks away it is revision revision at the moment! But hopefully when there over I will be able to relax and start to have a social life again, because at the moment mine is officaly down the toilet. Other than that i've basically done not alot today, eaten a whole bar of sainsbury's 30p chocolate (which is amazing!) and just gone over loads of revision notes. What about you? Have any of you done anything exciting today?


Monday, 23 April 2012

Just remember your beautiful

After going onto social networking places like facebook and youtube it never ceases to amaze me how many horrid, hurtful comments I see. We all do it, you see a youtube video for example and might laugh with your friends  about how someone looks, but thinking about it, it's something that yes we might find funny but never realize how it could really effect somebody else. It's hearbreaking when you read stories of how people both young and old have taken their lives, or put themselves in danger due to being critized for being 'to fat' or 'to skinny' or being branded ugly. All these pointless stereotypes. Nobody is ugly, I mean what is the definition of ugly really?

I have so many hang ups about myself that yes get me down. I have to many spots and scarring, my boobs aren't big enough, my nose is massive, all these things which can lower my self confidence at times. But image being bombarded with comments about you hang ups every single day like so many people do. So i'm uploading these pictures of myself with not a scrap of make-up on! Which by the way is not something that i feel 100% comfortable doing, but I just thought why not? People out on layers and layers of make-up to make them feel confident, the same goes for me. I do it every single day, but it goes to show that nobody is perfect, but nobody is ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and I think more and more people should just stop and realize the abusing people and making their lives hell due to hurtful comments on the internet, and also to their faces is something which should just be stopped. Why the need? After all, God made everyone the way they are, and everyone is 100% beautiful in their own unqiue way.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Little Mid Week Splurge

So after getting up around lunch time and then sitting on my computer and feeling very very lazy I thought i'd take a little wander down to town and have a little mooch around. I wasn't actually planning on buying anything but you know how it is...the moment you say you won't buy anything suddenly you see 101 things you like. Typical! So I thought i'd just show you some of the little goodies I picked up.

Firstly, might I just say how I love charity shops. They are the perfect place to find little trinkets and vintage items and all for cheap cheap prices! I found this gorgeous chiffon scarf, and I just love the colour of it. It'll be great for layering ontop of various outfits to brighten them up about, and it just feels perfect for spring/summer! It was only £1.75, which is amazing - such a steal!.:)

Next up I went into superdrug which is always bad as I can spend hours in there just browsing and I almost always come out with something, and today was no different! I picked up this GOSH lipstick in a pale pink shade called kitten pink, and again it just looks perfect for the warmer weather. I think it was around £6.99, which is quite good price I thought, plus the lipstick is so moisturizing! Another plus point. The nail polish a peachy colour and basically at £2.99 it would have been a crime to not buy it! It's by MaxFactor, and i've yet to try it out, but i'll do a review on it once I do.

Now  how cute is this tin!? I mean it isn't just me is it? But I saw this and I literally had to have it! I found this lovely little shop called Masion Chloe which is filled with vintage items and shabby chic bits & bobs, so basically my idea of heaven! I was in there a whole 45 minutes just wanting to buy everything...but in the end I had to restrain myself and I just brought this. But believe me, i'll be going back!

So excuse the extremely long post today, and sorry if you've fallen asleep at your keyboard due to my blabbering on and on! I'm off now to munch my way through various easter eggs and watch re-runs of Friends!:)


Thursday, 5 April 2012

In a galaxy far far away

Vest Top -
Jeans - New Look
Watch - Car Boot Sale
Various Bracelets - Market
Ship Necklace - New Look
Black Necklace - Beautiful mamma gave it to me.

Hi guys! Cannot believe that it is already the beginning of April! Spring is definatly starting to arrive and I am so excited to start buying loads of summer clothes, and put my coat firmly back in my wardrobe! After realizing the other day that I had hardley any baggy vest tops I found this little beauty on for a measley £12.99 which I thought was not bad at all:) It arrived so quickly, and I absoloutly love it! The fit is really loose so it's great for layering on top of jeans, or tucking into shorts or skirts and the whole space/galaxy type pattern really appealed to me. If you haven't heard of arkclothing before I definatly recommened checking out their website. It's full of great items and all different types of styles which is great if like me you are forever wearing different styles of clothing.

I also thought i'd just share a little picture of my new pair of earrings from Topshop which I love love love! I've wanted an ear cuff for ages but never really seen one that I really liked but as soon as I saw this one I knew I had to have it! I think it was around £6 which I didn't think was too bad, and ever since I've brought it i've been wearing it all the time:D I love all the Topshop jewellery at the moment, especially all the tribal, aztec stuff which is totally down my street.

Todays just been a massive chill-out day for me, watching movies, doing shed-loads of revision and eating my own weight in chocolate! I did go to the hairdressers though which relaxed me even more! I come out of there blissfully happy, like I always do as I love getting my haircut and sitting back for hours whilst someone plays with my hair. Bliss.
Hope you've all had a lovely day!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wish List

Spotty Dress: H&M
Wolf Face Vest: Arkclothing
Aztec Bralet: Arkclothing
Silver Spike Necklace: H&M
Gold Earrings: Regal Rose
Denim Vest: New Look
Patterned Dress: Arkclothing
Cross Vest: Arkclothing

Hello fellow bloggers! It's been such a lovely day today that I thought i'd share with you some of the items of clothing on my wishlist for the upcoming spring/summer:) I have a massive love for aztec patterned things at the moment, and so all of the items above I desperatly want in my wardrobe! After going through my wardrobe recently I have found that it is full of thick jumpers, long sleeve tops and jeans, which obviously as the weather gets warmer are not going to be so handy! Hopefully in a couple of weeks i'll have saved enough to go out and buy some of these lovely items, if not...well I can keep dreaming can't I?


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: Colour Deep Treatment

So recently my hair has been feeling really dry and frizzy I think due to the changing weather, so I thought i'd try out a sample treatment and see if it made any difference. I've never really tried any deep hair treatments before but i've heard an awful lot about the brand Aussie and how good it is, so I thought i'd give it a go. Plus at only £1.25 I thought it was a bit of a bargin!

One of the really good things about this product is the fact it's designed for colour treated hair, and I often find that in between dying my hair the colour can fade slightly and become really boring, but after using this product my colour was visably alot more vibrant, which I thought was great! The smell was LUSH and for the price it was such a great buy! After drying my hair, my hair was incredibly soft, and so glossy which was such an improvment than before especially after all the straightening and curling I do to my poor hair! It's a surprise my hair isn't in worse condition than it is to be honest.
So for the cheap cheap price, and such good results I would definatly recommend this product, and I may even go and buy the shampoo and conditioner in this range; this is definatly a new firm favourite!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Bird just fly away

I cannot believe that i haven't blogged in just over a whole month! To be perfectly honest I just haven't had to time as those doing AS levels in college will know! It's been crazy with coursework deadlines left right and centre, and various revision and blegh! But hey ho i've finally got a bit of free time so I thought i'd do a outfit post as it's quick and pretty simple:) I'm gonna try and branch out into some different types of posts soon and shake it up a bit i think as i don't want my blog to be all repetitive as I get bored quite easily! So any idea's give me a message!

So i'm posting to outfit I actually wore yesterday and it's a shame it was such horrid weather as I would have actually liked to wear this out the house! I've got on one of my favourite tops which is a crop top with a faded image of a swan...random i know! But it's so versitile and I can wear it with loads of things which is so good as I wear it so often! And i think at onlu £7.99 from H&M it was so definatly worth the price:) My trusty blazer which I throw ontop of everything was only a tenner in the International sale which i though was an absoloute bargin, especially as I had been meaning to buy one for ages! And my shorts which are again from H&M are another favourite, although I cannot wait to wear them in the summer without tights on! I just wish the weather would hurry up and warm up. Anywho I just whacked on some random rings and a gorgeous necklace which was actually from Topman and in the sale of £1! I swear Topman have little gems hidden away, so it's always worth having a look through their section aswell.

I am definatly going to do another more interesting post tomorrow I think, maybe some of the new products i've brought over the last couple of weeks? Or anything that I can do in a short amount of time; god my days are so busy these days! I'm going to now much my way through a king-size toblerone to take the stress away i think!:)


Friday, 3 February 2012

Unhealthy Obession?

 Everyone has a weakness right? well after tidying my room and finding about 30 more! magazines stacked by my bed I think it's fair to say i've realized that they are mine! well that and watching CSI but that's for a whole different post altogether...
It's like every week i have this need to go out and buy this magazine! I if i dont i feel like i'm missing out on something (sad i know!) They are definatly my favourite type of magazine out there for a few reasons:
1) they don't cost crazy amounts like some magazines out there! *cough* vouge *cough*
Nothing against vouge, in fact i love vouge, but on my small budget a week it's not always the affordable option tbh:( sob!
2) they contain every single element that i like in a magazine. Clothes, gossip, clothes, beauty, clothes, adivce and lastly clothes:D oh wait, did i mention clothes?
3) i think it is just such an easy magazine to read which i know sounds abit weird but i find some take loads of effort to sit there and read, and i like being able to skim through it quickly first then go back over bits and read it more thoroughly later; but i suppose that might just be me.
I swear if i added up all the mags I have lying around both in my room and buried deep in the depths of my wardrobe I'd have about 100! - no joke.
So yeah, that's just one of my little obssessions that i thought i'd share, you never know next month I may hate magazines and think their the worst things in the world and my new obession will be buying truck loads of snicker bars...but i very much doubt that!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Biker Boots and Stripes

Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Green Skinny Jeans - Miss Selfridges
Boots - Store Twenty One? Maybe..
Thin Brown Belt - H&M
Long Gem Ring - Topshop
Heart Band Ring - H&M (part of pack of 5)

Brrrrr how cold is it today!? With the weather suddenly dropping (much to my dislike) I had to wrap up incredibly warmly today to avoid freezing to death at college. Today my look was pretty much out together for the warmth factor to be honest! I was wearing my favourite pair of skinny jeans which are a deep green colour and totally lush, from Miss Selfidges. I cannot for the life of me remember the exact price but i think it was along the lines of about £35, not to bad for a good standard pair of jeans in my book:D I love love love the jumper i'm wearing as it's so warm and cosy plus I really like both the stripes and colours (black and stone). Now i'm pretty sure this was from Dorothy Perkins, and around the £30 mark, which is good seeing as it's lasted me ages! Just my standard jewellery of rings, my watch and my swallow earrings which unfortuantly are going slightly rusty as i've worn them so much:( *sob* Also I got to wear my gorgeous boots today which even though they have a heel are so darn comfortable! Plus with thick socks they are so warm and do normally manage to keep my toes snug as a bug in a rug:) I think these are actually from Store Twenty One...wait is that right? oh well yeah there from somewhere really unexpected like that and I believe they only cost me £12 which is amazing as their sooooo sturdy and just well i love them. End of Story.

Anways I cannot believe how freezing it has been today, walking home i couldn't feel my fingers, toes or legs; no matter how many layers I put on! Though I had cheesy chips for dinner which definatly perked things up a bit, and now i'm just waiting to see it it'll snow in the night and fingers crossed I get a day off college tomorrow!


Monday, 30 January 2012

Grey & Black

Hi guys! Thought today i'd do a 'outfit of the day' post as I haven't done one in a while. I'll admit normally i'm really lazy and cannot be bothered to take photo's of myself as I just don't have the time, but with half an hour spare this evening i thought why not?:) It's not a very interesting outfit today but I like the simplicity of it im honest. I brough this grey jersey dress yesterday from good old new look and I love it! The fabric is lovely and comfy, and it's so easy to just throw on with tights and boots, as I did today. Plus it only cost me 88p! How crazy is that!? Okay so it was orignally £8.99 but with my student discount card, plus some money left on a new look card from christmas i only had to pay 88p:D Massive bargin in my book!

My newest accessorie (excuse awful spelling!) recently is this trilby hat, and i literally live in it! I had a straw one from last summer but i really wanted a black one so it would go with everything, and i managed to grab one for a fiver in the peacocks closing down sale, RESULT:D I've noticed that i'm really into dark colours at the moment like blacks and greys, bit odd as i normally love bright things but hey ho, maybe it's just the depressing weather...
P.S excuse such bad photos! desperatly in need of a new camera!


Friday, 20 January 2012

Topshop Wish List

Ahh Topshop. Now i'm one of those people who go through phases of liking absoloutly everything in Topshop one week and then the next liking nothing at all, but i can definatly say that after looking at it earlier there is so much stuff that i love and need in my life! It's when you look at your basket and get that sinking feeling as it says Total: £300. Lets just say my weekly income does not cover that!

Now i've got to say one of my favourite peices here has to be the floral lace top! It is so cute, and very spring/summer, but for about £24 i'm debating whether it is worth it? Ahh decisions decisions! The 'O' jumper is not actually something i would normally go for, but i think it's so gorgeous and the pale mint colour is lovely, such a bit hit for the upcoming spring, with all the pastel colours flying around i think, and teamed with those black shorts, or the studded leggings...oh man i want it so desperatly! Basically everything here i want want want but sadly i have like zero money at the moment so i think i will have to wait a fair while before i can buy anything:( well a girl can dream ey!  


Monday, 16 January 2012

Liebster Blog Award.:)

Awh i was so happy to log into my blog this afternoon and know that i've been given a blog award!:) it actually made my day all that little bit better, and i wanna say a massive thanks to Lily at! thank you lovely!
So I then had to go and pick my five favourite blogs that i'm currently following and it was so hard cos they are all so amazing! But here we go:) :) Haven't been following this blog for very long but i really like her posts. Such great reviews, she definatly needs more followers!! Great style, and just really enjoy reading all this girls posts:D Jelous of all the clothes & jewellery this girl owns! Lovely lovely blog.:) I love love love this blog! Especially her beauty posts:)

Each of these blogs definatly deserve more followers so go check them out m'lovelys!:)  If you guys wanna take part all you have to do is as followed:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link to the blogger who awarded or nominated you
3. Copy & past the blog award to your blog
4. Reveal your top 5 blog picks
5. Drop by your top 5 picks and let them know you chose them by commenting in their blog
This lovely award is for the bloggers out there who have 200 followers or less and definatly deserve way more! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

MUA Make Up

Hello fellow bloggers! I hope you all had a fabby Christmas & New Year:D My first post of the new year is a review for some new make-up I purchased the other day from Make Up Acadmay aka MUA. Now i've never used anything from this brand before and I have no idea why because it is soooooo cheap! I actually had to go and check with the store person because I thought I was being a complete fool and reading all the wrong things but no - it was really was super cheap!

Now that first thing I wanted to get was some primer because after seeing other people's blog loads of people were going on about using a primer before putting on your foundation in order to create a smoother complexion and shizz. At only £4 I thought this was probally a nice cheap option to test it out first time, and it's comes out of the tube a white colour, but after rubbing it in it fades to clear, and although slightly sticky at first once I put my foundation ontop it was fine! It seemed to keep my foundation in place for longer, and actually it did even out my complexion quiet considerably, so big winner all round there!
Blusher - Shade 6:
Moving onto the blusher I brought, the colour in the picture doesn't look that great, and excuse my extremely dirty make-up brush featured in the picture! Such a bad person and should probaly clean it more than I do! Anyways, I would describe the colour as a kind of burnt raspberry which I think is lovely. It gives a slight rosey-ness to my cheeks and although it doesn't stay in place all day, being such a small compact it's easy to just pop in your bag and take it anywhere with you! Plus it was only £1! So such a bargin to be honest:D which means a happy me!
Pressed Powder - Shade 2:
Just ran out of my powder so was in dire need of a new one, and again at £1 I just had to buy this one and try it out. It's a medium shade, and is actually surprisinly good! Being so cheap it can effect how good the products are, but I think if your short of cash and looking for a cheap little fix this is a really good product to get.
Bronzer- Shade 3:
Now i'm not the only person out there who likes to look like they have a slight tan, especially in the winter when it's all cold and your all white and bleugh! I don't like to go overboard on the bronzer as I think it can look streaky and abit weird sometimes, but you only need a little bit of this to give a nice slight brown tone to your face. I got this in a shade 3 which was quiet a dark one, I think shade 4 was the darkest? But anyways again only costing £1 it's just a nice cheap product that I think gives quiet a nice finish.:D

Now the last thing I got from MUA which was abit of a surprise was a FREE eyeshadow pallett called immaculate collection which literally has so many colours in it! The lady at the till gave me a nice little surprise when she told me that if I spend over a certain amount (can't actually remember how much it was!) on the MUA range then this came 100% totally free! And I like free things:D I haven't actually tried any of these out yet, but I am super excited too, and all the colours are making me very very excited indeed! Especially the gold shimmery one. Ekkkkkk!

So guys that's it, hope you've all had a lovely day!