Friday, 23 December 2011

Nail Love

Hi guys! I cannot believe that I haven't done a post in almost a month!:O Everything has just been so crazy recently and to be perfectly honest I have been slightly lazy....whoops! I  have a couple of things to talk about today and one of them being CHRISTMAS.
I am beyond excited now, it's chistmas eve eve and at this point I have literally like a child. I've always loved christmas and I don't think annything is going to change just because I get older. I will most definatly be 99 years old and still jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of christmas:D 

Now today for the first time i'm actually going to review something! ooooooh exciting stuff:D My best mate got me this nail art kit thingy for christmas and when I first opened it was like a dream! I am a total nail freak, i LOVE LOVE LOVE painting my nails all kinds of different colours and so i was uber excited to use some of the gorgeous colours in this kit. With a total of 7 different shades, a clear coat and two 2 special effect coats which are just lush, PLUS a cute little nail file this whole set is just fab!

The different shades are:
Poppy, Vamp, Willow, Greige, Shadow, Jade & Orchid along with Iridescent and Silver Flake which are the special effect coats.
My definate fave out of all of these would have to be the greige, it is subtle but still gorgeous and great for wearing everyday, but I am super-excited to wear the bright Orchid for when I go out and in the summer, it is so bright and definatly stands out! I think the good thing about this set is that their are instructions which are good for first timers, as it tells you all the different combinations you can have etc, but for you guys that just love to experiment is is brilliant as well! I would love to tell you guys where this is from, and how much it was but i'm sad to say i don't know:( Being a christmas present I would feel abit rude asking the price, but i'll try to find out where it is from and let you know, because it's definatly worthy buying this set:D

Well guys I hope you have a fab christmas, eat lots, have fun and i'll probally post again in the new year!