Monday, 5 March 2012

Bird just fly away

I cannot believe that i haven't blogged in just over a whole month! To be perfectly honest I just haven't had to time as those doing AS levels in college will know! It's been crazy with coursework deadlines left right and centre, and various revision and blegh! But hey ho i've finally got a bit of free time so I thought i'd do a outfit post as it's quick and pretty simple:) I'm gonna try and branch out into some different types of posts soon and shake it up a bit i think as i don't want my blog to be all repetitive as I get bored quite easily! So any idea's give me a message!

So i'm posting to outfit I actually wore yesterday and it's a shame it was such horrid weather as I would have actually liked to wear this out the house! I've got on one of my favourite tops which is a crop top with a faded image of a swan...random i know! But it's so versitile and I can wear it with loads of things which is so good as I wear it so often! And i think at onlu £7.99 from H&M it was so definatly worth the price:) My trusty blazer which I throw ontop of everything was only a tenner in the International sale which i though was an absoloute bargin, especially as I had been meaning to buy one for ages! And my shorts which are again from H&M are another favourite, although I cannot wait to wear them in the summer without tights on! I just wish the weather would hurry up and warm up. Anywho I just whacked on some random rings and a gorgeous necklace which was actually from Topman and in the sale of £1! I swear Topman have little gems hidden away, so it's always worth having a look through their section aswell.

I am definatly going to do another more interesting post tomorrow I think, maybe some of the new products i've brought over the last couple of weeks? Or anything that I can do in a short amount of time; god my days are so busy these days! I'm going to now much my way through a king-size toblerone to take the stress away i think!:)



  1. lovely outfit, your so pretty! following your great blog :)
    check out mine and follow back please?


    1. thank you so much! Just checked out yours and it's lovely, followed you too :)


  2. Your rings are gorgeous xo