Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Little Mid Week Splurge

So after getting up around lunch time and then sitting on my computer and feeling very very lazy I thought i'd take a little wander down to town and have a little mooch around. I wasn't actually planning on buying anything but you know how it is...the moment you say you won't buy anything suddenly you see 101 things you like. Typical! So I thought i'd just show you some of the little goodies I picked up.

Firstly, might I just say how I love charity shops. They are the perfect place to find little trinkets and vintage items and all for cheap cheap prices! I found this gorgeous chiffon scarf, and I just love the colour of it. It'll be great for layering ontop of various outfits to brighten them up about, and it just feels perfect for spring/summer! It was only £1.75, which is amazing - such a steal!.:)

Next up I went into superdrug which is always bad as I can spend hours in there just browsing and I almost always come out with something, and today was no different! I picked up this GOSH lipstick in a pale pink shade called kitten pink, and again it just looks perfect for the warmer weather. I think it was around £6.99, which is quite good price I thought, plus the lipstick is so moisturizing! Another plus point. The nail polish a peachy colour and basically at £2.99 it would have been a crime to not buy it! It's by MaxFactor, and i've yet to try it out, but i'll do a review on it once I do.

Now  how cute is this tin!? I mean it isn't just me is it? But I saw this and I literally had to have it! I found this lovely little shop called Masion Chloe which is filled with vintage items and shabby chic bits & bobs, so basically my idea of heaven! I was in there a whole 45 minutes just wanting to buy everything...but in the end I had to restrain myself and I just brought this. But believe me, i'll be going back!

So excuse the extremely long post today, and sorry if you've fallen asleep at your keyboard due to my blabbering on and on! I'm off now to munch my way through various easter eggs and watch re-runs of Friends!:)



  1. What pretty pieces! I love the tin x

  2. Great post, Love the items you brought :) I hope you will follow my blog :)



  3. The lipstick looks beautiful :) x