Wednesday, 4 January 2012

MUA Make Up

Hello fellow bloggers! I hope you all had a fabby Christmas & New Year:D My first post of the new year is a review for some new make-up I purchased the other day from Make Up Acadmay aka MUA. Now i've never used anything from this brand before and I have no idea why because it is soooooo cheap! I actually had to go and check with the store person because I thought I was being a complete fool and reading all the wrong things but no - it was really was super cheap!

Now that first thing I wanted to get was some primer because after seeing other people's blog loads of people were going on about using a primer before putting on your foundation in order to create a smoother complexion and shizz. At only £4 I thought this was probally a nice cheap option to test it out first time, and it's comes out of the tube a white colour, but after rubbing it in it fades to clear, and although slightly sticky at first once I put my foundation ontop it was fine! It seemed to keep my foundation in place for longer, and actually it did even out my complexion quiet considerably, so big winner all round there!
Blusher - Shade 6:
Moving onto the blusher I brought, the colour in the picture doesn't look that great, and excuse my extremely dirty make-up brush featured in the picture! Such a bad person and should probaly clean it more than I do! Anyways, I would describe the colour as a kind of burnt raspberry which I think is lovely. It gives a slight rosey-ness to my cheeks and although it doesn't stay in place all day, being such a small compact it's easy to just pop in your bag and take it anywhere with you! Plus it was only £1! So such a bargin to be honest:D which means a happy me!
Pressed Powder - Shade 2:
Just ran out of my powder so was in dire need of a new one, and again at £1 I just had to buy this one and try it out. It's a medium shade, and is actually surprisinly good! Being so cheap it can effect how good the products are, but I think if your short of cash and looking for a cheap little fix this is a really good product to get.
Bronzer- Shade 3:
Now i'm not the only person out there who likes to look like they have a slight tan, especially in the winter when it's all cold and your all white and bleugh! I don't like to go overboard on the bronzer as I think it can look streaky and abit weird sometimes, but you only need a little bit of this to give a nice slight brown tone to your face. I got this in a shade 3 which was quiet a dark one, I think shade 4 was the darkest? But anyways again only costing £1 it's just a nice cheap product that I think gives quiet a nice finish.:D

Now the last thing I got from MUA which was abit of a surprise was a FREE eyeshadow pallett called immaculate collection which literally has so many colours in it! The lady at the till gave me a nice little surprise when she told me that if I spend over a certain amount (can't actually remember how much it was!) on the MUA range then this came 100% totally free! And I like free things:D I haven't actually tried any of these out yet, but I am super excited too, and all the colours are making me very very excited indeed! Especially the gold shimmery one. Ekkkkkk!

So guys that's it, hope you've all had a lovely day!



  1. I love MUA makeup :)

    I nominated you for an award on my blog (kreativ blogger award)

  2. I think for the price you wouldnt ecpect them to be as good as they really are. I think MUA are a great cosmetics brand.

    I have the bronzer myself and i think its great!

    Fab post sweetie!

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  3. I've given you a blog award, have a look! :)

  4. The free palette looks gorge! I want. I'm really warming to MUA products x