Friday, 20 January 2012

Topshop Wish List

Ahh Topshop. Now i'm one of those people who go through phases of liking absoloutly everything in Topshop one week and then the next liking nothing at all, but i can definatly say that after looking at it earlier there is so much stuff that i love and need in my life! It's when you look at your basket and get that sinking feeling as it says Total: £300. Lets just say my weekly income does not cover that!

Now i've got to say one of my favourite peices here has to be the floral lace top! It is so cute, and very spring/summer, but for about £24 i'm debating whether it is worth it? Ahh decisions decisions! The 'O' jumper is not actually something i would normally go for, but i think it's so gorgeous and the pale mint colour is lovely, such a bit hit for the upcoming spring, with all the pastel colours flying around i think, and teamed with those black shorts, or the studded leggings...oh man i want it so desperatly! Basically everything here i want want want but sadly i have like zero money at the moment so i think i will have to wait a fair while before i can buy anything:( well a girl can dream ey!