Monday, 7 November 2011

bring on the fancy dress

Oh I love fancy dress, it is bascially the best excuse to dress up in either a costume that makes you look like a complete fool, or wear something that you would never wear normally in a million years. So when my friend told me she was having a party and it was fancy dress I thought i'd go for option 2. Something I would never usually wear. So thinking long and hard about my options I decided to take a little trip down the fancy dress shop, something which I always find loads of fun!:D and I came across this cute little dress. Kinda 20's, and so when the kind lady in the shop told me it was the costume of a flapper, I was all over it like a rash! I love love love the old fashion type clothes, and a massive love for the 20's in particular. So paired with a load of beaded necklaces, black t-bar heels and a flower in my hair, I was totally ready to go and (however weird this sounds) I was feeling very old fashioned, and cool I must admitt! haha, even if i looked like a slight fool walking down the street; I got some VERY strange looks indeed:L I have to say this is right up there with my favourite fancy dress costumes of all time. Although nothing beats the Princess Jasmine costume in year 3 for Disney Character Day, that is and will always be my ultimate fave! So what about you guys? What's your favourite ever fancy dress costumes? 




  1. haha u look gorgeous dear!! The 20's dressing "code" screams of fun!
    My all time fav gotta be princess yasmin, when i was 5, when my mum even put on me some eyeliner, i'll never forget it:P

  2. your real pretty, your hairs amazinggg too! <3

  3. ohhh you look beautiful! :) loving the flappers idea! i never would of thought of something like that! xxxx

  4. Ahh that's a really lovely look :) I personally hate fancy dress so have no fave to speak of :P x