Wednesday, 16 November 2011

cause every girl needs a pair of black pumps...

Eeeeekkkkkk! My new shoes arrived today after what seemed like an eternity of waiting (when in fact it was 3 days) and i could not wait to show them to you guys! I am so in love with them, and they fit perfectly which is a massive bonus:D Their from Urban Outfitters, and are black suede with a cute stiching round the side of the shoe, and you can lace them up a front which i really like, plus they are beyond comfortable!:) Now nomally i don't really shop in Urban Outfitters because it's kinda out of my price range, being a student and all, but every now and then i go on their website to check out the SALE section and that's where i came across these little beauties. Reduced from £32 these were a snatch at only £15! I was so happy, and have actually been on the lookout for a pair of black pumps for ages, since my old ones were worn to the point where i could see the bottom of my foot through the sole of the shoe! Not a good look..I love the fact these can be worn with absoloutly anything, and i will definatly get alot of wear out of them! Although i think i may have to keep them out of the way of rain because suede and water don't really mix!

Here's the link m'lovely's if any of you want to check them out on the website, i promise you won't be dissapointed!  xoxo


  1. They are really cute :) I love Urban Outfitters sales, always manage to pick up a few bargains :)

  2. Hi, I have awarded you with the versatile blogger award on my blog. x

  3. They're gorgeous, pretty tempted, my old New Look pumps are totally ready for the bin!x